Alcohol firms are downplaying links to CANCER and ‘misleading’ the public despite strong evidence of the risks

Alcohol firms are misleading the public over the risks of drinking and cancer, researchers claim.

They are using ‘denying’ and ‘distraction’ tactics to rebuff the evidence that even moderate drinking causes the illness.

Alcohol is thought to contribute to at least 4 per cent of all cancers in the UK, about 14,300 cases a year, although this may be an underestimate.

It has been strongly linked to breast cancer and research has shown that even one small glass of wine a day increases the risk by 6 per cent.

Other cancers include bowel, throat, mouth and prostate and researchers believe alcohol damages the cells, triggering tumour formation.

But research by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Karolinska Instute in Sweden has concluded that alcohol manufacturers are ‘distorting’ the evidence.

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