Another use for statins? Cholesterol-lowering drugs slash the risk of death from cirrhosis by nearly half

Statins slash the risk of death from cirrhosis by nearly half, new research reveals.

The cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce the risk of dying from the alcohol-related condition by 43 per cent, a study found.

Doctors have previously been reluctant to prescribe statins to liver disease patients due to concerns the drugs cause abnormal liver enzyme levels in the blood, according to the researchers. 

This is despite past research demonstrating the medication prevents fatalities in patients with cirrhosis caused by hepatitis B or C, as well as other infections.

Study author Dr Ulrich Bang from the University Hospital of Hvidovre in Denmark, said: ‘Our finding supports the hypothesis that statins may ameliorate the course of cirrhosis and decrease the rate of fibrosis.’ 

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