Donald Trump is NOT mentally ill, says the man who wrote the manual on psychiatric disorders as he slams ‘armchair diagnoses’ as ‘biased’

Donald Trump is not mentally ill, according to the man who created the manual on how to diagnose mental illness.

Dr Allen Frances was chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University when he oversaw the task force to build today’s psychiatry manual.

He has been scathing about the president, branding him a narcissist and ruthless self-promoter.

However, he dismisses the scores of ‘armchair diagnoses’ from health professionals who claim Trump must be mentally ill.

According to Dr Frances, the 72-year-old does not fit the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder, delusional disorder, and dementia – the illnesses most commonly ascribed to him. 

Writing for medical site STAT News, Dr Frances explains, in his view, why the president does not qualify.

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