EXCLUSIVE: Surgeons successfully perform groundbreaking cesarean to save 24-week-old baby and terminally ill mother who has been unconscious for more than 5 weeks after she suffered a traumatic stroke

Surgeons have performed an emergency cesarean section in a desperate bid to save a terminally ill mother and her baby – five weeks after she suffered a stroke that left her unconscious on life support. 

Carrie DeKlyen, 37, was 24 weeks and five days pregnant at 5.30pm Wednesday when doctors delivered her sixth child, a girl who has been named Life.

Despite trying to wait until the end of September for Life to be delivered at 28 weeks, doctors at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor decided today that they could not wait any longer, as the baby has been moving less and less and they were worried she would die in Carrie’s womb. 

Surgeons warned the family that Carrie could die on the table during the delivery because she still relies on a machine to help her breathe and the cancer has worn down her body.

Her baby has survived the delivery, weighing 1lb and 4oz. Carrie’s status is still unclear.

Carrie discovered she was pregnant in April, days after she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, the same one John McCain has.

Doctors said they needed to reach seven months’ gestation before they could deliver the child, and before Carrie could start chemotherapy.

But on July 28, at just 19 weeks, Carrie suffered a traumatic stroke. She has lain unconscious on and off a ventilator ever since.    

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