Former mayoress died after surgeon tried to fix broken medical device INSIDE her body

A woman died after a senior consultant overruled the doctor who raised concerns during a fairly routine operation, an inquest heard.

At the close of a hearing at Ruthin, Nicola Jones, assistant coroner for North Wales East and Central, said she was considering issuing a warning to all health boards in England and Wales about Peter Sullivan, but after hearing that he had now relinquished his registration to practice in the UK she said she need not issue a Regulation 28 letter to prevent future deaths.

Mr Sullivan, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, is inFrance and had been summoned to give evidence at the inquest into the death of 69-year-old Barbara Annette Aldridge, of Flint.

He was not present and Mrs Jones told Mrs Aldridge’s son Ian: ‘I cannot compel him to attend.’

Mr Alridge described the consultant’s non-appearance as ‘cowardly’.

The inquest heard that Mrs Aldridge, of Third Avenue, Flint, – the wife of Flintshire County councillor Alex Aldridge – was admitted to Glan Clwyd Hospital in March, 2016, and underwent surgery for the removal of two polyps on her uterus.

After one polyp had been removed the hysteroscope, an illuminated camera used to assist, came apart and though Dr Arumugam Jayanthi, a locum at the hospital, suggested that it be removed from inside Mrs Aldridge for it to be reconnected, he insisted that it be done in situ.

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