Hospitals and care homes are scrambling to save the elderly and chronically ill from Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma’s full-forced winds and rainfall are expected to hit south Florida this weekend forcing hospitals and care homes to scramble to protect their patients.

More than 1.4million people in Florida and Georgia have been forced to evacuate so far due to the impending storms. 

This includes hospitals and care homes who have patients that need around-the-clock care. 

To prepare, hospitals in the Keys have been discharging patients that aren’t as serious and evacuating others to areas such as north Florida, North Carolina and Georgia,    

Miami is one of the cities with the most concern as it will be hit right in the center of the category 4 storm.

This forced Mercy Hospital in Miami to start evacuating more than 200 patients to areas in the north of Florida and close its emergency room. 

Other hospitals are remaining open with more than two weeks of supplies available to get them through the storm.

Nursing homes have also been advised to have prepared at least seven to 10 days worth of drugs and supplies for each patient in case a need to evacuate occurs. 

But people in the state of Florida are worried that this might not be enough to protect those who are elderly or chronically ill from the damage of the storm. 

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