How is it possible? As Anthony Cromartie welcomes his THIRD baby after a vasectomy, a urologist explains why the ‘snip’ is not always foolproof

NFL star Antonio Cromartie and his wife have welcomed another baby, making it his 14th child  – and the third since he underwent a vasectomy.

The former New York Jets player, 33, openly discussed getting his tubes cut in 2013, after fathering 11 children, including three with his current wife Terricka.

But just two years later, in 2015, fans were left stunned when the couple announced they were expecting twins. They insisted they did not plan on it happening again.

And yet, earlier this year Terricka announced she is expecting once more. 

Jhett Paxton was born August 30 and weighed in at eight pounds two ounces.  

As the family celebrated adding another to their roster, many fans were left with a burning question: how on earth was it possible?

Here, urologist Dr Jamin Brahmbhatt from Orlando Health explains…


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