How to Have a Perfect Quickie: 6 Awesome Tips

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Having a quickie can be an amazing experience, but many people do not know how to make it an amazing 5 minutes of passion! While sex shouldn’t be complicated, everything has to be just perfect to reach the maximum potential of a quick, passionate intercourse.

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Whether she is merely a fling or someone you plan on spending your life with, we have 6 great tips and 8 top places that will make hers and your experience much, much more pleasurable.

Tip #6 – Arouse Her with Sexting or Soft Dirty Talk

The first thing you need to do is to make her aroused by manipulating her brain into thinking about sex before you rip off her clothes and jump on top of her. The following 2 ways seem to work the best:

  • Sexting – No need for pictures. Just talk and write about how you want her and what you wish to do to her.
  • Dirty talk – This seems to work best when it is soft and sensual. Just whisper what you want to do to her in her ear.
  • Pay attention: If possible, do this in public where anyone can hear, but say it quietly enough so that only she will. This will bring the arousal factor to a whole new level!

    Tip #5 – Go for Loose Jeans & Skirts

    This advice is worth following by both of you. If you are going to have a risqué one in the car or outside, you will want to have:

    • Men – Wear loose fitting jeans. Athletic or sweat pants are also a viable option.
    • Women – As a female, you will want to wear a skirt or dress that is easy to pull aside.

    Pay attention: Wearing no panties is an option as well. However, many people consider this a really unhygienic option!

    Tip #4 – Make Her Wet Super-Fast

    It takes much more time for a woman to get in the mood. Therefore, you will need to make her wet and do so quickly. How can you do this?

    Focus on all her erogenous zones:

    • Kiss her neck, lower back, and inner thighs
    • Rub her pussy
    • Talk dirty to her

    Keep in mind: You need to arouse her and doing so will make her wet and ready to go. Our 5th tip will cover this perfectly so that you can get her going and never have to worry about her being horny again.

    Tip #3 – Keep Some Clothes

    Keeping these on is essential for a quickie. After all, this is not meant to be like regular sex – right?

    So, instead of stripping until you are fully naked, keep some clothes on so that you can get up and continue your way once the two of you are done.

    A few essential clothing items you can leave on yourself are shirts, bras, shoes, socks, pants, dresses and skirts.

    Pay attention: Remember, you can pull most pants, underwear, and panties to the side to have a “fun time.” Not only is this a lot of fun, but it will feel really good too!

    Tip #2 – Stimulate All Her Senses at Once

    Providing a stimulation for her senses can mean the difference between an excellent and just regular sex. The more of these are stimulated, the more passionate it will be.

    You should focus on these 5:

  • Sight – Show her beautiful scenery, muscular body or a naughty video!
  • Hearing – Play her music, use soft dirty-talk, gentle words, and moan!
  • Taste – A candy chocolate, whisked cream, strawberries will all work perfectly!
  • Touching – Kissing her and caressing all her erogenous zones will engage the touch!
  • Smell – A great cologne will work great for her sense of smell!
  • Keep in mind: Trust me that soon, you will know what works for her the best! Just start with all these 5 and focus what turns her on the most.

    Tip #1 – Pick Exciting Place

    Finally, you must choose a right place to get it on. This can be anywhere, but the following locations seem to work best:

    • Backseat of a car
    • Front lawn
    • Table
    • Porch or patio
    • Movie theater
    • Park

    Please note: Some couples would rather do it on the kitchen table or in the bedroom while others would rather have a quickie in a movie theater or on a roof!

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