‘I’m not stupid!’: Woman, 21, who has had 56 surgeries using her hip and rib bones to repair genetic defects to her face hits out at bullies who presume she’s slow because of her appearance

A woman with a genetic facial defect has spoken out against bullies who presume she has learning disabilities because of how she looks.

Katie Whicker says she’s tired of people regularly accusing her of being ‘stupid’, speaking slowly to her and insulting her because of her appearance.

The 21-year-old was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, which stopped the bones growing and developing properly in her face when she was in the womb.

Over the years, she’s had 56 surgeries to repair her face, including building her jaw from her own hip and rib bones.

The ski resort worker says people are regularly rude to her, calling her ‘dumb’ and doubting her mental capabilities. She was once even asked if she was involved a car accident.  

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