Indian father, 46, is desperate for medical treatment after thousands of marble-sized tumours have ravaged his body

A father whose body has been severely ravaged by thousands of tumours is hoping a miracle will stop the perpetual growth and finally give him a clear face.

Surinder Sharma, 46, from India, started growing benign lumps on his face and body at the age of 20.

The undiagnosed condition, which is believed to be neurofibromatosis, was passed on to Mr Sharma from his father and causes people to be scared or mock him.

The father-of-four said: ‘The tumours are only growing with my age. These tumours have ruined my life. People laugh at me, children are scared of me. I have no social life.

‘I do not have money but I hope that [the] government helps. Medicine is advancing and I have [a] firm belief in God and doctors that some day I can be cured from this disease that has ruined my life.’ 

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