Is Conor McGregor at higher risk of dementia? MMA fighters display signs of long-term brain damage linked to the disease, study finds

Conor McGregor, the Irish UFC star known by many as ‘The Notorious’, may be at risk of dementia, research suggests.

The MMA fighter, who recently, and unsuccessfully, turned his hand to boxing, has spent his career taking powerful jabs to his head.

Scientists claim these repeated blows, which have led to McGregor being worth almost $40 million (£30.4 million), cause build-ups of proteins in the brain.

Accumulations of the toxic clumps are considered a hallmark of the disease and are deemed responsible for the memory loss symptoms in old age.

The Cleveland Clinic findings, dubbed ‘interesting’, add to a growing body of evidence that show a link between repeated blows to the head and dementia.

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