It IS safe to sit all day – as long as you get up every half hour: Study says the way you sit is more important than the length of time

How you sit is more important for your health than the total amount of time you’re sitting, a new study claims.

Adults are sedentary for nine to 10 hours of their waking day, which can lead to cardiovascular risks and even death.

Experts say that what matters is the length of time between each burst of activity when someone is mostly sedentary. 

They studied the amount of time people were sitting throughout the day and compared it to their rates of mortality.

The results showed that those who got up and moved every half hour or less were less likely to be at risk of death than those that stayed sedentary for longer.

It is recommended for people who have mainly sedentary jobs to get moving every half hour to help them stay active and promote a healthy heart.

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