It’s not what you eat, it’s WHEN you eat that matters: Study shows timing your meals right is the key to beating obesity – and here’s how to work out your food schedule

The food we eat has a huge impact on our body, and our general health. 

But experts warn many of us do not think about the time we consume our meals. 

While some of us may eat extremely healthily, research shows we face ruining all that progress if we eat too close to bedtime, or cram all our meals together, or wait too long between eating. 

It all boils down to metabolism, giving the body enough time to digest.  

However, while the internet is full of specific plans for dieters saying what time of day to eat, none of those take into account how it could be affected by different schedules. 

Our metabolism is affected by our circadian rhythm (i.e. body clock). For some, our body clock is the standard night-day. But for others who work night shifts or burn the candles at both ends, it is not so simple.  

Now, researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital have conducted the first study showing how meal times affect your weight gain, depending on what time you rise and sleep.

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