Joint custody is best in a divorce: Children are less naughty after their parents separate if they DON’T live with just mum or dad

Joint custody is best in a divorce, new research suggests.

Children have less behavioural problems and psychological symptoms after their parents separate if they do not live with just their mother or father, a study found.

From a parents’ perspective, there is no difference in symptoms between youngsters growing up in a traditional family living arrangement and those whose mother and father share custody, the research adds. 

Study author Dr Malin Bergström from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, told MailOnline: ‘It is beneficial for children to have everyday contact with their parents. Parental quality often improves if they see their children often rather than just on the weekends.

‘It may be more important to have parental quality than a stable home where a child is living with both their mother and father.’ 

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