Once-conjoined twins that underwent a 27-hour surgery are finally able to return home from the hospital nearly a year after their procedure

Formerly conjoined twins Jadon and Anias McDonald have finally gone home, 11 months after their 27-hour separation surgery.

After their operation at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx last October, the boys had to do months of rehab therapy at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Westchester, New York.

They began their rehab treatments last December and were just this week able to travel home.

The boys have struggled with health issues such as seizures and infections since their surgery.

One of them, Anias, will probably have to have an operation on his skull at the age of seven and, until then, he will need to wear a protective helmet.

But, even though they will need to go to rehab three days a week, the pair are now stable enough to be able to stay at home with their parents, Nicole and Christian, their brother, Aza, four, and the family dogs, Taz and Tyson, CNN has reported.


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