‘People laugh and stare but I’m living my dream’: Four-foot tall woman with painful rare disease defies the bullies to become a professional dancer’

Like many little girls, Tiffany Geigel dreamt of becoming a ballerina when she grew up.

But from the day she was born, she looked very different to her peers with her stunted stature, curved spine and short neck.

And not only did the New York native never fit the stereotypical image of a dancer, the malformations of her bones from a rare, genetic disease left her battling daily pain and breathing problems from her lungs being crushed.

You would understand if her parents let their daughter down gently, telling her a career as a dancer was not realistic and encouraging a different path.

However, instead, they told her, at age three, that she could be anything she wanted to be – and enrolled her in a dance class.

It was a move that has shaped and inspired Tiffany, now 32, to pursue her dream to be a professional dancer – despite being just four foot tall.

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