‘She has lost everything’: Girl, 11, went from ‘happy and healthy’ to mute, bed bound and needing nappies in just 72 hours and doctors still don’t know why

A mysterious condition has left an 11-year-old girl bed bound, mute, unable to read or write and back in nappies.

Kaci Smith began suffering slurred speech and just 72 hours later had deteriorated rapidly.

Her mother, Emily Smith, 30, said her daughter was a ‘happy and healthy girl’ until she was struck by the illness, which doctors have been unable to diagnose.

She said Kaci has lost ‘everything’ and has been left unable to communicate with anyone since February. 

Emily, from Morganstown, Cardiff, said: ‘Kaci started slurring really badly and within three days she could not say a word. She has not spoken for months.

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