Strangers point and LAUGH at boy, 9, who looks like he’s been SCALDED because of a rare condition which means his family spend ten hours a week peeling his skin off

The parents of a boy born with a rare condition have revealed strangers point and laugh at their son’s redder than average skin.

Nine-year-old Jack Oldacres has Netherton syndrome – a genetic disorder affecting just 16 people in the UK.

It causes chronic skin inflammation, constant itchiness and dehydration and puts sufferers at risk of developing life threatening infections, like sepsis.

Royal Mail manager, Danny, 39, and carer, Julie, 45, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, say they have never had a family breakfast with their son – as he eats his in the bath, where he spends 90 minutes every morning having his skin peeled off.

But it is the nasty comments from strangers – including adults that they fear will knock Jack’s self-confidence. 

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