‘The only reason I haven’t committed suicide is because of my three cats’: Grandmother, 61, slams scandal-hit vaginal mesh after a similar procedure left her disabled and in agony

A grandmother-of-two almost committed suicide after being left in agonising pain throughout her body from a controversial mesh implant.

Sylvia Litchfield, 61, from Birmingham, claims the only reason she is still alive today is because of her three cats and grandchildren, who gave her a purpose to live.

Her problems stem from a rectopexy mesh, similar to that of the vaginal procedure which has left thousands of other British women in agony.

The scandal came to light earlier this year, but its true extent is yet to be uncovered – though mounting pressure is being placed on health officials to address concerns.

Senior doctors now calling for a public inquiry into its usage say it could be akin to thalidomide, as the NHS has been accused of sweeping the matter under the carpet.

Within days of undergoing the scandal-hit procedure, an ‘incredible’ discomfort started in Ms Litchfield’s body – before it spread and left her disabled.

The mesh, made of the same material as that used in the more common surgery, even triggered a stroke and heart attack, she claims.

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