Top Cambridge University scientist, 38, reveals she has frozen her eggs to ‘take pressure off’ becoming a mother

A scientist has told how she is not ashamed she has frozen her eggs – and urges women in their 30s to consider taking the same step.

Dr Emily Grossman said egg freezing is allowing her to ‘sidestep her biological clock’ and give her a chance of motherhood when she is ready.

Dr Grossman, a television presenter and trained actress who has a double first from Cambridge University revealed her highly personal decision at the British Science Festival in Brighton.

Dr Grossman added: ‘I strongly believe that all women in their mid to late 30s should be made aware of the risks of waiting too long to try for a family, and what alternative options they have available to them – and, more importantly, that there’s no shame in freezing your eggs.

‘I think perhaps some women see egg freezing as admitting defeat – admitting that they haven’t managed to do it the natural way.

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