‘We’re just like Kate’: Mothers who suffer severe morning sickness just like The Duchess of Cambridge open up about the illness – including vomiting up to 42 times a day

Sickness in pregnancy is common – around seven out of every 10 expectant mothers experience nausea, vomiting or both.

For most women, this improves or disappears completely by around week 14. But in one per cent of pregnancies, it can persist and be more serious. 

Women who suffer the same morning sickness illness as The Duchess of Cambridge – who announced her third pregnancy yesterday – have shared their shocking stories of suffering hyperemesis gravidarum (HG).

This includes one who threw up 42 times in a day and another who considered terminating her baby.    

HG often needs hospital treatment and in extreme cases can be deadly. 

It is considered to be the second leading cause of hospitalisation during pregnancy and can lead to dehydration – dangerous to both the mother and child.

If dehydration does strike, babies are at risk of deformities because the constant vomiting can deprive the woman’s body of amniotic fluid – which the baby needs to thrive. 

Here four women speak out about how HG blighted their pregnancies… 

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