Young carer, 22, who thought she was eight months pregnant was actually only six weeks gone as her giant ‘bump’ was a CYST that killed her baby

A young carer was told she was eight months pregnant but was in fact just six weeks gone – because her ‘baby bump’ was a 30cm cyst that eventually caused her to miscarry.

Kirsty Butler, 22, and her boyfriend Celern, 21, were over the moon to discover she was expecting after taking a home test when people began commenting on her bump, which was growing quickly.

Doctors then said she was 30 weeks along after her stomach ballooned to four times its normal size. 

An ultrasound revealed Kirsty, from Swansea, was pregnant – but was not that far along. Her huge bump was in fact a huge ovarian cyst ravaging her womb.

She was then only six weeks pregnant and was devastated to be told her own and her tiny unborn baby’s life hung in the balance – the massive mass was eating away at her ovary and she urgently needed lifesaving surgery.

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